Hey everyone checkout the new Scoutlook weather widget. I use Scoutlook weather a lot especially the app for my Ipad. It’s free and has some pretty ¬†useful tools for whitetail hunting and waterfowl hunting. Go check it out, play around with it before hunting season rolls around.

Written on June 4th, 2012 , Welcome Post

Welcome to those of you who found this little blog. This blog is a great place to find out how one guy and his friends hunt in northeastern PA. I am not a professional hunter on TV I am just like most hunters in my area, I love to hunt archery and waterfowl. I do rifle hunt but don’t find it as challenging as archery. I hold 2 degrees one in Social Science and the other in Biology, I have a deep passion for nature and society and the deficit that is constantly growing between the two. This is a place where I can share what I know and what I am learning in the woods, not everything in this blog is perfect and that isn’t what I am aiming for, I aiming for sharing of ideas and hunting success. Last year I arrowed zero deer so I’m not perfect or an expert hunter but I’m not afraid to go without a deer for a year or two. I will blog on the progress of activities and hopefully I can share my constant learning with you and I hope you share what you have learned as well; maybe we’ll all be a little more successful together.

Written on May 26th, 2012 , Welcome Post

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