I’m currently using Whitetail Institute and Mossy Oak Biologic products in my food plots. I’m taking weekly rain measurements and growth measurements of each companies products and using both in each plot. This will allow me to collect a lot of data to see which performs better in a range of conditions and give you honest facts on these products so you can choose for yourself when you plant your own plots or when you have someone else create a plot for you. I know a small company that does consultations for┬áhabitat improvement and will give you a range of options for food plots and will also do the work if that is an option you would like to take. Leave a comment with your contact info and I will give you their business information and if you mention this website you get adiscount off on their services, they also do more than just food plots, they are really good at habitat landscaping for those of you who want to create a place that attracts and protects wildlife to your property.

Written on June 9th, 2012 , Our Tools for Success

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    Could you email me with a few hints & tips on how you made your blog look this cool , I would be thankful!

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