Well in my neck of the wood we had a whole day of nice steady rain. This is the type of rain my food plots needed and so does the agricultural fields the deer herd depends on. I also needed this rain for my water drums because I used almost all my previously gathered rain water for my food plots from our last good rain.

My fall food plot (plot 3) needed this rain to help get the lime into the soil. I’ll wait a day or so and take another soil sample before I plant but until then it’s treestand time. Why treestand time now, well I already know where, and what agricultural fields are growing, I know the known trails and bedding areas and I have food plots that are producing. With that being said I will have two treestands on food plots and others on trails and pinch points. I do always have a climbing stand in case I see some activity and I need to move my location but other than that I will cover the historic trails and areas of deer activity. Plus getting my hang on stands in now lets me lessen my impact when it gets closer to archery season. Deer seem to far more resistant to human activity this time of year, where as in late August into September they seem to less accommodating to human intrusions.

Also another point is that I would like to be done and out of my hunting area so I can get ready for the early resident goose season. LOL

Written on June 14th, 2012 , Archery Pre Season

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