Well again late June early July we are in a drought, we had a passing shower or two but nothing to ease the pain from the heat for growing plants, this includes agricultural plants and yep, food plots. I installed plastic drums early in spring but without rain they too have gone dry, so it’s time for drastic measures, the plots need water. So with that being said I will have to water the plots and refill my water drums. Last year I lost my only plot to a drought just like this, I watered my plots just before this eight day drought hit (the weather outlook isn’t calling for rain; well any good rain for the next five or so days) so I have to plan for another 8 days with out rain. My fall plot (plot 3) really needs my attention as it is in the early stages of growth. I’m hoping this will keep my plots growing during┬áthis rain free early July.

Written on July 6th, 2012 , Archery Pre Season

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