June – August are critical times ( especially with excessive heat ) for antler growth and doe lactation, and fawn health. Corn and soybeans aren’t producing what deer need yet and wheat, barely, oats and other early grains are being harvested fast. Alfalfa is the only agricultural fields producing but even that is being cut . This is where food plots and supplements are key in helping deer maintain their nutritional needs during the dog days of summer. 

What to use, well how about what not to use that is easier. Now is not the time to put out corn, yes they will eat it but it’s not what they need nutritionalnow at this time of year. Oats, wheat, barley are better grain substitutes but you can use Bone D Monium, B B2 and other B&J products will alwords your deer herd well this time of year.

Written on July 6th, 2012 , Archery Pre Season

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