Sorry for the gap in posts but if your like me and have kids you know time flies when your busy with life. I did get a chance to get out for the early antler less season here in WMU 5C. I went out to get some time away from everything, see what is going on in real time and to confirm my trail camera information and I would say it was a successful 4 hour sit time.  Actually thinking about it now  early goose season was pretty good as well and I got to take my son and his best friend along and we all bagged some birds. So what is to come this month with the archery season opener coming up fast? Well first the early antler less season, this is a great time to get out and work out the bugs in your hunts afield. I made sure I had all my kit, tried out a new backpack that holds my bow, made sure shooting lanes are correct, ranges are checked and to see what is going on in real time. Sure there is a lot of foliage still on the trees and on the forest floor but I think it helps prep me for the season to come, constantly looking for an ear or a tail flick or watch how the sunlight constantly changes on the forest floor. I don’t go out all the time but I will get out 3 to 5 times during this early season and you should too if it is offered in your  WMU. If you can’t get out for an early season, now is the time to make a list, set out all your kit, gather up your hunting clothes, check that your calls work, head lamps work, get extra batteries, make sure you have your deer scents and lures, and plenty of scent eliminating spray and you should be ready for PA’s 2012/2013 archery season, good luck and I’ll post my journal entries and harvests with you as the season progress.

Written on September 16th, 2012 , Archery Pre Season

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