Plots this year did well, no big buck shot but most big buck activity was caught on camera in the pre dawn and about 30 minutes after dark.  Daytime buck activity picked up just short of a week after archery season. This was unnerving but all the big boys were caught on camera well after rifle and muzzle loader season. My crop of 4year olds will be around next year which is very good news.

Starting a new major project for next year which will incorporate the building of a bedding area, spring, summer, and early fall feeding site, new food plot and a winter food plot. 300+ acre farm that boarders my hunting land was recently sold and the new owners do not allow deer hunting, so I have to see how this will effect future deer movement and herd size. Sorry for my lack of postings, been very busy with family and educational requirements, but  on the upside I will be finishing my higher education in the middle of July, no I will not be going for my doctoral degree, I like to hunt to much for another couple years of schooling.

Alright I’ll post my habitat project details very soon.

Written on January 25th, 2013 , Archery Pre Season

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